Saturday, December 11, 2010

the studio

It's high time we, here at NOW&then, get ourselves organised and fit out our office space! We're thinking...

...A great big rug, soft lamps, a big long desk and red (our big red-coloured mannequin)...
 a beautiful painting, a classic composer bust form, like Mozart (hard to find those!), a big blackboard wall and long billowing white curtains... 

... some cool shelving and storage (for all those bits and pieces, you never know when you might need them)...  

And some clever storage and design, lots of awesome little recycled pieces, and a little splash of colour!
images top L & R via here, image bottom L via here (check out this artist, Sandra Suy, amazing sketches and you can buy them from her etsy store!), bottom R via here ...more amazing interiors here 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas wishlist

We've been searching around, trying to find the perfect gifts for our Christmas list...
The catch is, there's always something (or things!) that we end up adding to our (eve expanding) wish list! Here are our favourites so far...

FOX by DIMDI $25.87 

I'm not sure why I like this picture so much... but I do! from here
Maybe because it reminds me of one of my favourtie stories from my childhood, Fantastic Mr Fox (story by Roald Dahl) The animated film Fantastic Mr Fox (2009) is a great accompaniment to this handsome painting. 

T2 Sweet Dreams cup - Ice Blue $20 cup and image from here

I have to admit I'm new to the T2 fanclub, but after my recent visit to the Queens Plaza store... I'm a little bit in love! These beautiful tea cups and saucers come in a rainbow of colours and shapes for all tastes! 

Tiny Heart Ring by GoldenSilver $18.00

Wear your heart on your... finger! This sweet little hand carved, stearling silver ring from here is one of my very favourite finds. So delicate and quite lovely! A perfect gift for that special someone... 

Kikki K book - Now Is The Time $19.95 from here 

...Because despite the fact that we all seem to be so time strapped, there are so many things we put off with "I wish I had" and "I don't have the time" etc
...Although we shouldn't need it, a little inspirational/motivational tool to nudge us it the right direction. Something to remind you to appreciate the little things each day. Others, including "It's Never Too Late" and "Be Happy" available from here

Regina Spektor - Far $19.99 from here

Beautiful music for a beautiful season. One of my new favourite artists this year. Perfect music for really listening to or just listening, either way these songs are beautiful in an slightly imperfect, little bit twisted kinda way. Have a listen  

What's on your wishlist? x

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas time = guilt free retail therapy?

Oh my goodness! I just had the biggest ebay spree!! It was fabulous!!!
Retail therapy really works, you know (as does the guilt afterwards)
But check out the awesome necklace I won!

...Remind you of anything in particular? ...Maybe something a little bit magical?! 
It's my new "Golden Snitch" necklace! (Yes, I am a Harry Potter geek and proud!) ...But how cute is it!!
Just one of many great pieces I've picked up the last few days of Christmas bidding.
Reminds me of a Harry Potter themed party I went to earlier in the year. I gave the birthday girl a pair of hand made origami Golden Snitch earrings (yep, I made them myself!) 

Hope your Christmas shopping is going just as well! 
Any particularly special purchases or bargains yet?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Try it...

I love the idea of so many tiny little memories squeezed into one space! It gives in to the idea of clutter without actually being clutter.
...Organised chaos, so to speak.

A few of our favourites...
image from here
Wow! I love this wall! Such a bold feature which adds a touch stamp of drama to the room. A very risky idea but it has been done so well that it works. What do you think?

image from here
I like that this one is all jammed together, it's youthful, colourful and fun! 
(I think this would be a great variation for a picture wall in a kids room - with paintings, handprints and certificates framed within one feature)

image from here
I'm always coming back to the vertical stripes (Anne M, this is your fault!) There's just something about striped wallpaper which is timeless. The various shapes which have been used within the arrangement of the wall are also quite lovely. (I especially love the big bold circular mirror and the profile figure!) 

Hm... I wonder how the NOW&then TRUNK would hold up under the weight of a picturewall?

We may just have to find out...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's been a while...

... but we're back!

We've been busy traveling all over, sourcing for NOW&then boutique just for you! We've picked up some awesome pieces this trip, some of which featured in our upcoming NOW&then Spring/Summer'10 collection shoot (exciting!!)
Stay tuned for the collection in it's entirety. Until then, here's a sneak peek of the collection shoot (your chance to be the very first to call shotgun on the new collection)

What do you think!!?! 
Thank you to the amazing Jennijane Photography (Amazing images, right!!?!) and our lovely models Kate and Emma, super MUA Anie, and very patient assistant Gee. Such a great afternoon shooting around the neighbourhood (and some very interesting sights for the neighbours and passers by!) We can't wait for the release of the collection! Not long now!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung!
You know that feeling you get when the season changes... the air changes... there's a different vibe around...

What will you be wearing this season?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

After our marathon travels to London, through Europe and with a quick stop through Dubai (from which we picked up some beautiful bits and pieces, beads and fabric!!!) we decided we should knuckle down and get busy working!

From September we will be launching our first run of our original mini collection series - 6 original themed pieces per collection, each unique and of limited stock. Our first collection "Flights of Fancy" is a limited selection of feather inspired jewelry - collars, cuffs, earrings and headpieces...
(And we have to admit... we're pretty excited!)

You want a sneak peek, do you!?! 
Well... ok! 
Below: a few of the very early pieces from the Flights of Fancy Collection. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

We're baaaaack!

It's been a while... but we're back!

And we got straight back into the swing of things, dragged ourselves out into the cold of the August morning, and set up at the Brisbane Valley Markets last Saturday. Met some great customers, sold some really cool pieces (we're noticing you're loving our retro denim shorts and quite a few different scarves this time around... preparing for festival season maybe?) Also had a chat to many lovely stall holders and drank way too many cups of tea as usual... A great day!

Especially lovely to meet our neighbour for the day, Fiona of Tree Party Designs 
- Fiona makes the cutest brooches, pendants and earrings (the jewelry was so cute I had to phone my flatmate to come and check it all out (she wanted to buy everything but settled on the cutest little vintage look birdcage pendant) 
Find out a little bit more about Fiona and her designs here 

Monday, July 12, 2010

So we're off!

image from here

We're about to head off to do some serious sourcing/buying/vacationing to London, through Europe and Dubai... So expect some amazing finds arriving in store next month!
In the mean time, stay tuned for our travel updates as we scout around for some amazing pieces from all over the globe!
Can't wait to bring the TRUNK out in August to show you all!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

So what's happening now... TRUNK travels!

Well...We're heading abroad (London, Europe, Dubai!!!) to do some buying and sourcing for the store in the next few weeks (and some holidaying!) but well be back at the Valley Markets late August with all our new pieces for you to check out!
...Until then we'll be listing on our etsy store (from this weekend)

Follow us here (just click on the 'follow' tab to the left of the screen) and check back for the latest updates from our buying trip (we'll be having some giveaway competitions coming up for our followers soon!! as well as updates on our trip and purchases, new designs and heaps more!)

Thank to all of you who shopped with us or visited us Saturday! It was great to meet all of you!
(for those of you who entered the pamper draw, winner will be announced and contacted soon!!!)

Can't wait for the next one!x

Friday, June 25, 2010

The night before the big day

...Our NOW&then TRUNK debut at the Valley Markets!!!

It's been a big few days, organising last minute bits and pieces and all the little things we forgot to remember, but I think we're gona be okay (weather permitting... if it rains we're... well... let's really hope for a sunny day, okay!) Can't wait to see how it goes. Going to be a long day but hopefully we'll see a few familiar faces drop by throughout the day!

We have a Beauty Cycle pamper treatment draw to giveaway, a 50% off voucher from the NOW&then TRUNK to be won, and we've even recruited our very own paparazzi for the documentation of our NOW&then TRUNK debut and the lovelies who get there tomorrow, so some great pics to come!

We're really excited it's finally, almost here and we hope to see you there tomorrow so come drop in and say hi

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The TRUNK: upadate

Been a big day today, preparing the TRUNK for our spot at the Valley Markets (this Saturday 8am-4pm!) Tagging, pricing, sorting and packing like little maniacs... and hoping the perfect Brisbane weather stays perfect and performs some serious sunshine for us (fingers crossed!!) 

Out with the old, in with the new... swing tags!

Cryptic sneak peek - One of our brand new pieces!! 
- Ebony weave tights with gem kneecap detail 

SO much more!!!

Hope we see you this Saturday 26 June @ Valley Markets, Brisbane

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's been a little while coming... from the initial idea for a retro/vintage shop from home (dreamed up by two friends and I sometime last year... or was it the year before!?!) ...
This weekend (Saturday 26 June) we will be selling at the valley markets with our latest addition...

...The NOW&then TRUNK!
The TRUNK may not look much right now but over the following days and weeks we'll be fitting it out, filling it up with as much store stock as it can manage and bringing it to you THIS SATURDAY at the Brisbane VALLEY MARKETS! (8am-4pm)

Come by and check out the TRUNK, we'd love to see you there!
Stay posted for more updates as we makeover the TRUNK this week (you can follow us if you like, just click the little 'follow' button on the left side of the page)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've just come across a new place I'd love to check out 
The Laneway bar 
(um... this may take some searching to find) 
Brisbane are trying to fill the spaces within our lovely little city 
with art, cuisine, music, fashion... (Sounds good to me!)
The Laneway Bar, Brisbane via here

See what else Brisbane is hiding in its little laneways here

I'm planning to check out these...
Sideshow Alley - 6-10pm Fri June 26, 2010

Alleyway 109 - 5-7pm Fri June 11, 2010

Sounds Like Brisbane - 5.30-10pm, Fri 18 June, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

via here

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New items instore
NOW&then boutique... now!
Check it out here

And hey!! You should follow us! 
Cause we love to be loved! 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The power of the suncream

This clip is brilliant.
It puts everything into perspective...
It's an "ahh hah!" moment (even if that moment doesn't last for too long!)
...It makes you want to go out and chase that dream...

It's like a slice of contentment...
...a look into your past from the future, all at the same time... Check it out here

Saturday, May 1, 2010

clash of the textures

Emma Watson for teen Vogue 

Loving the volume, structure and layers in this shoot! There's such 
a great play between soft and structure with the silhouettes of the 
pieces, the clashing textures and prints are quite subtle but work so well here.
I'm really into the mix of old look and new look with lace and velvets teamed 
with leopard print and chunky accessories and heels  

...Oh, and hands up who wants a shape skirt!!? (above) Meeee!!! 

Challenge for the week: to wear as many textures, prints and 
patterns in one ensemble as possible!

So, I'm officially on the prowl for a velvet blazer. Burgundy would work particularly well with blonde but with my new red hair I'm thinking a soft blue... I could always go crazy with fuschia or mustard yellow, that could be fun!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Nothing to wear?

Don't say you have nothing to wear!
check it out...

The Uniform Project: 
One (fabulously stylish) girl. 

One dress. 

365 days.

The ultimate example of the power of the LBD 
...for a VERY good cause 
the Akanksha Foundation School Project 
contributing to funding the education costs of Indian children
See the dress in it's 365 days of fabulousness (is that a word? is now!) here
or follow the Uniform Project site here

What we're wearing

- Thrifted sweater, Dotti undershirt, Sass and Bide 
jeans, China Town socks (so cute), Rivers cutout 
brogues, Cotton On wayfarers, Vintage gold watch  

Below: Rivers cutout brougues
Thinking about tying in satin ribbons instead of the 
standard laces...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lately, I've been toying with the idea of setting up a permanent stall for the shop NOW&then boutique to travel to markets, fetes and festivals... I came across this AMAZING handcrafted camper via here. 

The camper looks like a contemporary gypsies fantasy... with mahogany fittings, teak wooden floors and the most modern of fixtures... not to mention the freshest Tiffany blue cab and storage ...I'm imaging the doors opening to a perfect little space... a giant closet, filled with the most amazing vintage, retro and pre-loved clothing and accessories... and a little kitchenette for tea and cupcakes, lol! Like a barbie dream house for the not-so-Barbie girl! A home away from home!

Oh gosh, I can't find the link to the blog these images and info are via, but if you 
know please let me know so I can credit them!


Friday, April 16, 2010

what we're wearing

Wanted to share with you one of my favorite blogs What I Wore (yep, click there)
 ... A blog written by the beautiful Jessica Schroeder detailing the outfits she's wearing on a daily basis. I'm slightly addicted, checking into the blog on the great outfits each morning so I thought I'd try it for the week, see how it goes... So, here goes!
Day 1 
- Thrifted checked shirt, Paddington 
(So comfortable, especially when I'm working on windows all day)
- Sass and Bide jeans, David Jones 
- Vintage logo notebag, NOW&then boutique
- Double floral brooch, NOW&then boutique 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

paper perfection

I've recently begun working on a paper project involving origami techniques, cutting and building. There is so much amazing work out there...
via here
via here
via here
via here

I'm thinking birds... suspension... a collision of paper (in a good way!)... layers, levels, and lighting of course (makes every display look 100% better)...  I can't wait to get started! x