Tuesday, March 23, 2010

that's gold

Harry Potter party... 
The theme: Harry Potter (um, obviously)
The birthday girl dressed as the golden snitch (unfortunately nobody brought a camera to document the costumes!) ...as a girl who has most everything she wants/needs (the birthday girl, that is) I decided a pair of golden snitch earrings would be the perfect birthday gift to mark the occasion. And very memorable indeed! 

I was SO proud of them, I couldn't wait to give the present to the birthday girl, lol!

(Oh, I dressed as Luna Lovegood! We also had several Harry Potters, a unicorn, a phoenix, Ginny Weasley, two wizards as muggles... And we played a great (and very creative) game of quidditch! 
All in all a very enjoyable, and memorable afternoon/evening!  
... I just wish I had my camera!

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