Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love it!

Totem bowls (and cups)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Decor Hacks = love

Decor Hacks. Get into it.

I can't get enough of this site. So creative and every time I leave after viewing these creations, I begin to see potential everywhere, as things could be. So exciting. My faves right now are...

- Basket shade Image via here
Vintage egg basket + exposed light = lovely! Imagine the shadows cast by this beauty.
For a small version, try using a lamp base (without the base, just the cord and bulb) and a lighter weight basket (cane, metal, etc) 

- Foxy lamp
Oh-my-gosh-so-cute-and-beautiful! And apparently you can use this idea with any shape or creation! Create your own using Matsutake's tutorial here

- Doily lamp shade
Oh, this appeals to my Nanner-isms, but in a cool and crafty way.
Love it. Check out how to here.

Have you made/found any great DIY projects around lately?

Room renovation/redecoration on a budget is a continual project... This week it's a bedhead. After trying to source a decent vintage or retro piece I decided on a diy project. It's a work in progress (pictures soon) but in the mean time, here are a few of my favourite sources of inspiration while on this project.

Love a pop of colour. A bedhead is the perfect piece to update your room with seasonal colour, pattern and style. 
Check out the DIY tute for the above project here

This simple upholstered bedhead is embroidered with detail. Perfect for a child's room. Try a simple version of this by painting on your design. Get creative with pattern and stencils. 

Make this bedhead from ready made canvas frames (from all good junk/cheap shops) and cover in your favourite fabric. Finish by attaching all frames together and hang as one panel (use a back board to glue/nail each frame to) Simple! 
Check the tutorial here

(And If you like a challenge, check out this amazing tufted headboard tutorial post from LittleGreenNotebook)


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Modern Manners - Cafe etiquette

This week I've encountered some hellish customers in cafes who need to re-read the book of etiquette, and then some!
So today I've picked my Top 5 Modern Manners for the Cafe/Restaurant to share with you.
See what you think...

CAFE - Dos and Don'ts 

1. If you have made a booking, DO arrive on time.
- If your group is not the punctual type, organise your meeting with flexibility in mind (for example, takeaway coffee in the park).

2. DO order with efficiency.
- Stand well back until you decide what to order.
- When ordering, make eye contact with and greet the cashier. Be clear and concise in your order.
Don't carry on a conversation with others while ordering (phone or the company you're with)
- Have your money ready.

3. DO use the manners you taught your children/were taught as a child. 
- Say please and thank you. Particularly as your order arrives and when leaving the cafe.

4. DON'T overstay your welcome
- Don't linger near close time, complain when refused service after close time or stay past your booking time. Be considerate of the venue/staff and organise your catch up with plenty of time to spare for an enjoyable experience all round.

5. DON'T expect to use the facilities if you aren't a customer. (The bathroom, WC... Whatever you call it, Don't shop and plop! Vulgar it may be, but it has to be said) I don't care if you're a paying customer, just work it out... AT HOME!
If you must use the facilities, DO tip for the convenience or make a token purchase in gratitude.

Here are some more great reads on wine etiquette and dinner etiquette

(What are your etiquette Dos and Don'ts when you're out and about?) x

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Suitcase Rummage

My friend and I booked in to sell at the Suitcase Rummage Sunday and we were granted with the perfect day for it! Woke up to the bluest sky and a beautiful day (with just a hint of winter in the air, yay!) 
Perfect market weather!
(The stall next to ours was taking/selling polaroid pictures. We thought it was such a cute idea we got one ourselves!)

The Rummage is a great way to get out there and sell - newly crafted, vintage/retro or just unwanted, without the stress of a serious 4.30am start, full set up and looong day (It's a great way to get a new wardrobe together too! But more about that later)

All in all we had a lovely day, met some wonderful people, made some great sales and found some new treasures! A+

We're you at the Rummage? Did you enjoy? We'd love to hear from you!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Just quickly

image here
I saw this post recently over at kararosenlund's blog and now I can't get the idea of string bags out of my head! I'd love to have one hanging in my kitchen to store onions in (I have been storing my potatoes and onions together but, strange-and-boring-fact-of-the-day, apparently the gasses released by these veges together cause them to rot faster.)
Such a great yet simple storage idea!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back to business

I'm at more and more business functions lately and I'm beginning to feel the boredom of dressing for business rather than fashion/fun. So I'm challenging myself this week to find 3 simple ways to "fun-up" my business wear (while still remaining business appropriate of course)

1. Accessorise 
Right now I LOVE a good neon bag. The perfect way to funk up your ensemble and still remain business appropriate. My favourites... American Apparel, Clutchny and Claire Vivier.
Image via here

 2. Be bold
image via here
With clever use of colour, any outfit can be transformed. This coral colour is the perfect pop for winter. When adding a statement piece, keep the colours to a minimum, choose just one accent colour to team with your neutrals (avoiding colour overload. Less is more) 
Try jacket a bold jacket, scarf, belt, pants, or lipstick

3. Layers, texture, pattern
Try mixing textures and patterns to create subtle point of interest. Keep it simple and start with one colour, working various patterns and texture together (like this). Once you've got the hang of it, get creative and introduce subtle colour into the mix. (Think Teen Vogue)

I really love this for inspiration

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I got up early today and ventured across the city (to this awesome place) to source some leather (to make this)
Unfortunately I couldn't find any pieces that were just right but I did find some other great little bits and pieces for some upcoming projects. Here's what I found...

Left: Cardboard shapes and perspex bars (perfect for the sunbeam mirror project I'm working on, a great variety of textures and shades), R/top: Industrial bottle tops (these will come in handy for my next mirror project, the portal mirror) and R/bottom: fabric offcuts (intended for the interior of my A4 clutch, once I source some suitable leather offcuts)

I've begun to lay out the Sunbeam mirror, playing with shape and pattern.
Here's a sneak peak...

There are some great inspiration ideas over at my new favourite site Decor Hacks (check out the Hacks tab) I'm big on space saving and stream lining at the moment, I love this cool cable reel storage table and this nifty printer drawer

Have you attempted any DIY lately? I'd love to hear about it!