Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I got up early today and ventured across the city (to this awesome place) to source some leather (to make this)
Unfortunately I couldn't find any pieces that were just right but I did find some other great little bits and pieces for some upcoming projects. Here's what I found...

Left: Cardboard shapes and perspex bars (perfect for the sunbeam mirror project I'm working on, a great variety of textures and shades), R/top: Industrial bottle tops (these will come in handy for my next mirror project, the portal mirror) and R/bottom: fabric offcuts (intended for the interior of my A4 clutch, once I source some suitable leather offcuts)

I've begun to lay out the Sunbeam mirror, playing with shape and pattern.
Here's a sneak peak...

There are some great inspiration ideas over at my new favourite site Decor Hacks (check out the Hacks tab) I'm big on space saving and stream lining at the moment, I love this cool cable reel storage table and this nifty printer drawer

Have you attempted any DIY lately? I'd love to hear about it! 

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