Monday, May 21, 2012

Room renovation/redecoration on a budget is a continual project... This week it's a bedhead. After trying to source a decent vintage or retro piece I decided on a diy project. It's a work in progress (pictures soon) but in the mean time, here are a few of my favourite sources of inspiration while on this project.

Love a pop of colour. A bedhead is the perfect piece to update your room with seasonal colour, pattern and style. 
Check out the DIY tute for the above project here

This simple upholstered bedhead is embroidered with detail. Perfect for a child's room. Try a simple version of this by painting on your design. Get creative with pattern and stencils. 

Make this bedhead from ready made canvas frames (from all good junk/cheap shops) and cover in your favourite fabric. Finish by attaching all frames together and hang as one panel (use a back board to glue/nail each frame to) Simple! 
Check the tutorial here

(And If you like a challenge, check out this amazing tufted headboard tutorial post from LittleGreenNotebook)


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