Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Going fashionably green with Sarah

NOW&then were recently asked to speak about recycled fashion for a filmed segment featured in Sarah's entry into the U10 Shoot to Share competition. Sarah's entry is a great little blog series all about living sustainably, from fashion to food and everything in between. Very handy hints and great tips for going green.
... Besides providing viewers with some great ideas for greener living, the blog is being produced as Sarah's entry into the U10 Shoot to Share competition, winner goes to the Tribeca Film Festival!
So check it out, send to your friends and help Sarah get to New York, New York!!! 
image from

Oh Wow! I want!

Ohh... this is SO lovely! 
Huffy Cranbrook Women's Cruiser Bike from Walmart $174 USD
(it's a shame they're not in Australia *sigh*)

And of course you'll be needing a helmet. 
I know that typically bicycle helmets are... um, unfortunate looking... (I can hear complaints from the fashion conscious already) but helmets are a must, and I've found some really cool ones from Yakkay that even I'd gladly wear! (All sorts of styles of covers available, there's definitely one for everyone)
Now, what to wear....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fresh instore

Fresh in store...
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Came across this visual poem (via Trendland) from Vanessa Bruno for her Spring Summer 09 collection. (Shot by Mark Borthwick) feat Lou Doillon as model/muse, it's truly a beautiful, whimsical and just really really pretty. It'll make you smile.


Monday, February 15, 2010

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just like Dree

Dree Hemingway - fashion model 
Came across her while browsing through one of my favourite blogs PrettyLittleWorld
Dree's modeled for big campaigns such as Gaultier, Gucci, Valentino and Ferre to name just a few... oh, and she's the great grandaughter of Ernest Hemingway!
...I just love her style. Kind of preppy/rock, lots of layers, neutral colours, very cool.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I heart you.

So it's Valentines Day soon... and while I'm not usually one to go crazy on the day, there are a few things I could quite happily receive this Valentines Day...

Valentines Heart Ring $40.00 from Lisanafalcon Etsy
A big hammered brass heart to wear your love on your sleeve finger.

Hearty Tea Pot Set $140 via CocoMale
You can't help but smile anytime you sit to tea with this sweet little set.
(from MollaSpace - A great site which stocks the coolest design pieces for living/home and everything in between) 

Heart tea infuser $2.50 via favorstudio
A tiny alternative to the tea set that will make you smile just as big

Markus Lupfer "Love" T-shirt $150USD via TeaCupHampstead
This breezy little T-shirt is perfect to throw on for a brunch date with your special someone... or any other time for that matter!

Mary Heart(s) Domenic Canvas Tote Bag $22.50AU from cafepress
SO cute and useful! 

"My Heart on a String" necklace from Now&then boutique
I LOVE this one cause it's from us, with love, to you (Awww)!

so... What's on your wishlist?

Friday, February 12, 2010

I have recently been searching for inspiration for fashion shoots/projects. I'm particularly inspired by the abandoned buildings, the idea of past meets present and lightplay within these buildings...

During one of my many search sessions, trawling for inspiration I came across the work of photographer Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre via LaceandTea
The haunting images of abandoned buildings of Detroit, including ballrooms, schools, factories and hotels are beautiful as they are heartbreaking. To imagine the former glory of these buildings through the "splendid decaying monuments" of present is very thought provoking and inspiring. Although I'm not sure if Brisbane will have locations quite as amazing as these pictured...  But I'm sure I'll have fun finding out.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

outside inspiration

Was searching for some outfit inspiration when I came across this image on lookbook from EricaA.
I love this girls androgynous outfit (although it's still very feminine), the pretty art piece in the background (EricaA's own work, she's an art student), but mostly I love the attitude in the photo.
Very cool.
Check out her blog here

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who needs food. I want fashion!

So, having recently started studies (visual merchandising!!) I've been very inspired by the trendy girls in my course. It's SO much fun coming to class every day and seeing everyone's choice of outfit. So many things I'd love to add to my own wardrobe! Although... Inspiration is great, but more and more additions to my "shopping wishlist" is tricky. I'm so pocket light at the moment *sigh*
...But a girl can dream, right!

So this week, my addition to my fashion wishlist is... 
Week 1: Brogues (with a difference)

But I can't decide...
...With colour/print?
After years avoiding anything pink or remotely girly, I'm in love!
(Although these are from the mens range but, whatever)
Paul Smith $395 found them here

...With texture?
These are a so retro cool! 
A little bit Picnic at Hanging Rock, a little bit Elvis
White 80's Deadstock Oxfords Braided $19.00, 
from ClosetCaseVNTG, Etsy here

...With ribbon and bows?
These classic patent black brogues are simple but oh so cute, 
like a little baby doll. (Love!) 
The ribbon bows are my favourite part, and the shiny shiny patent.
1980's Black Leather and Patent Lace Up Brogue Shoes
from PennyCones, Etsy here

...Neutrals? (to go with everything!)
These are so simple and understated, just lovely! 
I love the mousy grey colour of these ones, makes you want to pat them.
(they would look so sweet with creme coloured ribbon threaded through)
Grey Leather Lace Up Oxfords $56.00, via here 

Ooooh it's SO tricky! I want them all!
So ... Which is your favourite brogue?
(Send me a link!)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jersey creations by Southstreet

Lately, I've found myself reaching for my scarves, jackets, layers, etc only to realise (as I melt on my way to the bus) that the Oz Summer heat is not conducive to effective, fashionable layering.
Solution. Jersey creations by Southstreet (etsy)
How great are these!
African Dream Jersey/Scarf $25 USD
Made from Jersey strips, these funky pieces are the perfect cure to summer accessorising in the warmer months. These pieces are so versatile, worn as a long necklace, collar or scarf. They're lightweight, versatile and add a much needed splash of colour to any outfit, with colours ranging from cotton candy pink, to speckled black and white. 
Check them out here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grammy time and I'm loving the fabulous fashion on the red carpet this year. From Lady Gaga (several amazing outfits), Katy Perry, Taylor Swift...
But Hayley Williams was my favourite
... Hayley always stands out with her flame red hair, but at the Grammy's this year she rocked a classy 1920's inspired look - with her chic, short 1920's hair (although the most awesome flame red colour), a straight, midnight blue, beaded dress and patent Mary Janes. The perfect mix of old hollywood chic and modern punk rock.
picture from here

pictures from here
And of course there were SO many not worth a mention - terrible terrible outfits (obviously stylists are all on holidays this year) I'm sure you know who I mean - the usual victims and then some. Sadly it wasn't a great year this Grammys for lots of great outfits, but there were a special few.