Saturday, February 13, 2010

I heart you.

So it's Valentines Day soon... and while I'm not usually one to go crazy on the day, there are a few things I could quite happily receive this Valentines Day...

Valentines Heart Ring $40.00 from Lisanafalcon Etsy
A big hammered brass heart to wear your love on your sleeve finger.

Hearty Tea Pot Set $140 via CocoMale
You can't help but smile anytime you sit to tea with this sweet little set.
(from MollaSpace - A great site which stocks the coolest design pieces for living/home and everything in between) 

Heart tea infuser $2.50 via favorstudio
A tiny alternative to the tea set that will make you smile just as big

Markus Lupfer "Love" T-shirt $150USD via TeaCupHampstead
This breezy little T-shirt is perfect to throw on for a brunch date with your special someone... or any other time for that matter!

Mary Heart(s) Domenic Canvas Tote Bag $22.50AU from cafepress
SO cute and useful! 

"My Heart on a String" necklace from Now&then boutique
I LOVE this one cause it's from us, with love, to you (Awww)!

so... What's on your wishlist?

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