Saturday, December 11, 2010

the studio

It's high time we, here at NOW&then, get ourselves organised and fit out our office space! We're thinking...

...A great big rug, soft lamps, a big long desk and red (our big red-coloured mannequin)...
 a beautiful painting, a classic composer bust form, like Mozart (hard to find those!), a big blackboard wall and long billowing white curtains... 

... some cool shelving and storage (for all those bits and pieces, you never know when you might need them)...  

And some clever storage and design, lots of awesome little recycled pieces, and a little splash of colour!
images top L & R via here, image bottom L via here (check out this artist, Sandra Suy, amazing sketches and you can buy them from her etsy store!), bottom R via here ...more amazing interiors here 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas wishlist

We've been searching around, trying to find the perfect gifts for our Christmas list...
The catch is, there's always something (or things!) that we end up adding to our (eve expanding) wish list! Here are our favourites so far...

FOX by DIMDI $25.87 

I'm not sure why I like this picture so much... but I do! from here
Maybe because it reminds me of one of my favourtie stories from my childhood, Fantastic Mr Fox (story by Roald Dahl) The animated film Fantastic Mr Fox (2009) is a great accompaniment to this handsome painting. 

T2 Sweet Dreams cup - Ice Blue $20 cup and image from here

I have to admit I'm new to the T2 fanclub, but after my recent visit to the Queens Plaza store... I'm a little bit in love! These beautiful tea cups and saucers come in a rainbow of colours and shapes for all tastes! 

Tiny Heart Ring by GoldenSilver $18.00

Wear your heart on your... finger! This sweet little hand carved, stearling silver ring from here is one of my very favourite finds. So delicate and quite lovely! A perfect gift for that special someone... 

Kikki K book - Now Is The Time $19.95 from here 

...Because despite the fact that we all seem to be so time strapped, there are so many things we put off with "I wish I had" and "I don't have the time" etc
...Although we shouldn't need it, a little inspirational/motivational tool to nudge us it the right direction. Something to remind you to appreciate the little things each day. Others, including "It's Never Too Late" and "Be Happy" available from here

Regina Spektor - Far $19.99 from here

Beautiful music for a beautiful season. One of my new favourite artists this year. Perfect music for really listening to or just listening, either way these songs are beautiful in an slightly imperfect, little bit twisted kinda way. Have a listen  

What's on your wishlist? x

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas time = guilt free retail therapy?

Oh my goodness! I just had the biggest ebay spree!! It was fabulous!!!
Retail therapy really works, you know (as does the guilt afterwards)
But check out the awesome necklace I won!

...Remind you of anything in particular? ...Maybe something a little bit magical?! 
It's my new "Golden Snitch" necklace! (Yes, I am a Harry Potter geek and proud!) ...But how cute is it!!
Just one of many great pieces I've picked up the last few days of Christmas bidding.
Reminds me of a Harry Potter themed party I went to earlier in the year. I gave the birthday girl a pair of hand made origami Golden Snitch earrings (yep, I made them myself!) 

Hope your Christmas shopping is going just as well! 
Any particularly special purchases or bargains yet?