Wednesday, January 27, 2010

plant me a picture...

I came across an article on green buildings today. Companies planting rooftop gardens above their offices, ledges and unused corners of towers being planted up with greenery and new inventive ways to use the space you have in a green way. Apparently these green buildings have the potential to reduce city temperatures by up to 2 degrees. Basically it's all about using any available space in your work or home environment and add a bit of green.
...Now, I live in a small apartment in the inner city area. No yard here (...that I can plant into, although I plan to do some gorilla gardening before too long *evil laugh*) and it's so hot in my apartment (sadly no air con either) that everything I try to grow in pots dies. This got me to thinking... How can I make my little slice of the city a little greener?
I eventually stumbled across an idea within a segment I saw ages ago on Better Homes and Gardens (yes, I'm a bit of a Nanna at heart) Try it out...
How to:
- Find yourself a shallow planter tray the aprox ideal size for your "picture" (ensure it's deep enough for the plants root system though, aprox 4-5cm).
- Fill the tray with potting mix ensuring the soil is quite compact.
- Cut a sheet of chicken wire several centimeters larger than your tray, making sure you have enough wire to wrap over and around the tray and secure together at the back of the tray.
- Place the wire over the top/front of your tray, cut away the corners and fold wire around tray. Secure at the back of the tray with wire twists or string.
- Fasten the plants by carefully feeding the plants roots through the holes of the wire. Add more soil as needed and pat down to compact soil and secure plants.

Leave the tray to settle for a few weeks if possible.
Spray the plants every day or two to begin with (once a week during winter). After a month or two, spray every other day.

I'm going to try it out. I can see at great spot on my little balcony wall that would look perfect with some in green.

Monday, January 25, 2010

OMG... cute!

Came across this little hood for sale at ElleGanT's Etsy Store here
Just had to share it with you
...I'm fairly sure this is a 10 on the cute scale, aw!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where the wild things are

Channel your inner monster with a Max-inspired outfit...

Find yourself a grown up monsters playsuit like this one (below) and paint the town wild!

Trim it with some accessories with bite! I LOVE this awesome creation (below)...

 These beautiful pendants (below) are from Jean Skipper's Etsy shop
Each unique phrase is hand stamped and made to order.

Get in the monster groove with the official soundtrack (below)
Some really great upbeat, funky tracks with a sweet vibe that'll make you smile all day long

Enjoy :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Style crush

Lately I've been catching up on Gossip Girl, starting right back at the pilot episode. I know I'm a bit late on the GossipGirl love but... LOVE!
I have to admit I have a bit of a style crush on these girls. They're like the SATC girls for the next generation. Almost every episode has something I love/want and the girls street style is just as amazing. My favourite looks so far (on and off screen)...

Blake Lively/Serena Van Der Woodsen: casual NY chic

The tousled hair, sloppy chic style, all worn with big confidence...

Think layers, subtle mismatching, designer grunge and minimal chic. Serena's style reminds me quite a bit of Ashley Olsen or Vanessa Hudgens
Want to wear it yourself? Check out The Row for breezy white tees and tanks to dress up or down, Sass and Bide for some bling under or over, or try some DIY for something absolutely unique.

Ok, next... Taylor Momsen, candy pink lipstick.

Such a bold look but unlike red the pink gives a girly, sweet twist to this trend.
Taylor totally rocks this look (although my fave "Jenny" style is more Season 2... a little less punk/rock, a little more girly) 

And 3rd: bright bold colour...

Vanessa's boho/gypsy look has me falling back in love with turquoise, big time. It makes everything look so vibrant and fresh (especially worn with white or orange) 

Check out local Australian designers Dinosaur Designs for some amazing pieces of bright, bold jewelry - definitely Vanessa worthy, especially pieces from their Bird, Fungi, and Tree & Me Ranges

And finally the prim and proper that is the Queen B.

I love her look in the show although I tend to go slightly towards the vintage/indie route with this style or rock it up a bit a la Missy Higgins, Hayley Williams, Kate Miller Heidke.
Try vintage/retro shops for the perfect dress or skirt/blouse combo. Etsy have some great stores or try RetroMetro or BoxVintage here in Brisbane for some great vintage/retro pieces.  

And finally, check out the Pierces. A sisterly duo from Alabama I first heard them in Gossip Girl, season 3  with their single "Secret" and "Three Wishes". Love it. Check it out here

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Favourite things...

Most people have a signature dish, right?

Something they love, something that's a little different, something that tastes great, looks good and is easy to prepare...
For example my friend Tam has an amazing TimTam *hehe* blueberry cheesecake that never fails to impress (
So this holiday season I decided to scout out a recipe to base my signature dish on...
I've always like the idea of edible flowers, a salad that's pretty and nutritious. I came across this one... pic from here

...Rose petals, nasturtium, squash blossom, lettuce/cabbage (various colours)
(not all flowers are edible, check with your local nursery first!) 
What's your signature recipe?