Monday, March 29, 2010

tea for two

Today i have an end-of-day headache, coupled with general weariness... And it's only Monday!!! I also have plans for later. I think I have the medicine I need...

A tea submarine!
Santa, be prepared and know that this is now on my wishlist. 
Also Santa, feel free to deliver early ;)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

that's gold

Harry Potter party... 
The theme: Harry Potter (um, obviously)
The birthday girl dressed as the golden snitch (unfortunately nobody brought a camera to document the costumes!) a girl who has most everything she wants/needs (the birthday girl, that is) I decided a pair of golden snitch earrings would be the perfect birthday gift to mark the occasion. And very memorable indeed! 

I was SO proud of them, I couldn't wait to give the present to the birthday girl, lol!

(Oh, I dressed as Luna Lovegood! We also had several Harry Potters, a unicorn, a phoenix, Ginny Weasley, two wizards as muggles... And we played a great (and very creative) game of quidditch! 
All in all a very enjoyable, and memorable afternoon/evening!  
... I just wish I had my camera!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

style crush

Jane from blog Sea of Shoes.
This girl has some serious style.

Who's your style crush?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What we're wearing

New stockings! (I'm at the stage where I want to wear them with everything!) I am also in the process of looking for the perfect black leather jack to layer for Winter. 
Although I would like something a little more to add to this outfit... And I've have my eye on this cute little necklace from LuckyDuct's Etsy for a while now. In fact, I like most things in this store. Check it out here 
I've also been looking for a mustard colour handbag/overnight bag... which I can't seem to find anywhere! 
Any suggestions? 

We want...

Lace socks, to wear with our new mary janes and brogues (our new favourite shoes this winter)...

from SabiKrabi, Etsy 

from Regina'sStudio, Etsy

Although some black lace socks could be fun...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last weekend we went on a sourcing adventure for the shop! 
So many treasures we found. 

One of my favourites...
Wear with... socks/stockings, a pretty pastel skirt, 
nautical stripes and a velveteen bow in long messy locks...

NOW&then boutique

Hark, hear this...

Rainy Sunday afternoon, my favourite type of Sunday. Listening to Lisa Mitchell, Wonder, Sufjan Stephens Come On Feel the Illinoise! and Sia, Some People Have Real Problems. Sounds whimsical, nostalgic, pretty, sweet with a little bit of bite, a little bit like...
from Jenna.L lookbook
(unknown source)
(unknown source)

Friday, March 12, 2010

This image made me smile....
via OhJoy 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What we're wearing

Thursday threads
- Vintage jacket 
I found this one in Mum's wardrobe. Awesome!  (I think she may have made it!) The buttons are so pretty with embossed detail, pink pearl colour with an oily gloss finish
- Sportsgirl earrings. From one of their sales years ago
- Sass and Bide black denim jeans. Love these jeans, they're the perfect fit!
- I Love Billy slouch boots. From the Sydney chinatown area, picked these up in a hurry last year on the way through to LA

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What we're wearing

What we were wearing... 
(maybe on that bicycle ride with the new bike and helmet
*Vintage sequin jacket $47.00
Coral silk cami bid from$5.00
Retro Kelly shorts bid from$5.00
Brown vintage brogues bid from$5.00  
*Carry basket $12.00
*Retro look sunglasses bid from$.99
*to be listed soon

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