Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas time = guilt free retail therapy?

Oh my goodness! I just had the biggest ebay spree!! It was fabulous!!!
Retail therapy really works, you know (as does the guilt afterwards)
But check out the awesome necklace I won!

...Remind you of anything in particular? ...Maybe something a little bit magical?! 
It's my new "Golden Snitch" necklace! (Yes, I am a Harry Potter geek and proud!) ...But how cute is it!!
Just one of many great pieces I've picked up the last few days of Christmas bidding.
Reminds me of a Harry Potter themed party I went to earlier in the year. I gave the birthday girl a pair of hand made origami Golden Snitch earrings (yep, I made them myself!) 

Hope your Christmas shopping is going just as well! 
Any particularly special purchases or bargains yet?


  1. was wondering if you will be at valley markets tommorow?

  2. Hello! It's lovely to get a message :)
    Sadly we will not be at the markets this week... We're hoping to be out and about selling next weekend. We will post our schedule to confirm early next week so stay tuned!

  3. Awwww love this :)
    I want something like this!
    All my shorter necklaces are plain!
    Any pictures of the earrings you made??

  4. Indeed! There is a little link in the post to our pictures of the Golden Snitch origami earrings!
    It's a very cute necklace huh! Check back in to our blog or etsy store next week, we have some pieces arriving which some like they may be what you're after!x


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