Monday, November 29, 2010

Try it...

I love the idea of so many tiny little memories squeezed into one space! It gives in to the idea of clutter without actually being clutter.
...Organised chaos, so to speak.

A few of our favourites...
image from here
Wow! I love this wall! Such a bold feature which adds a touch stamp of drama to the room. A very risky idea but it has been done so well that it works. What do you think?

image from here
I like that this one is all jammed together, it's youthful, colourful and fun! 
(I think this would be a great variation for a picture wall in a kids room - with paintings, handprints and certificates framed within one feature)

image from here
I'm always coming back to the vertical stripes (Anne M, this is your fault!) There's just something about striped wallpaper which is timeless. The various shapes which have been used within the arrangement of the wall are also quite lovely. (I especially love the big bold circular mirror and the profile figure!) 

Hm... I wonder how the NOW&then TRUNK would hold up under the weight of a picturewall?

We may just have to find out...

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