Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back to business

I'm at more and more business functions lately and I'm beginning to feel the boredom of dressing for business rather than fashion/fun. So I'm challenging myself this week to find 3 simple ways to "fun-up" my business wear (while still remaining business appropriate of course)

1. Accessorise 
Right now I LOVE a good neon bag. The perfect way to funk up your ensemble and still remain business appropriate. My favourites... American Apparel, Clutchny and Claire Vivier.
Image via here

 2. Be bold
image via here
With clever use of colour, any outfit can be transformed. This coral colour is the perfect pop for winter. When adding a statement piece, keep the colours to a minimum, choose just one accent colour to team with your neutrals (avoiding colour overload. Less is more) 
Try jacket a bold jacket, scarf, belt, pants, or lipstick

3. Layers, texture, pattern
Try mixing textures and patterns to create subtle point of interest. Keep it simple and start with one colour, working various patterns and texture together (like this). Once you've got the hang of it, get creative and introduce subtle colour into the mix. (Think Teen Vogue)

I really love this for inspiration

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