Friday, June 25, 2010

The night before the big day

...Our NOW&then TRUNK debut at the Valley Markets!!!

It's been a big few days, organising last minute bits and pieces and all the little things we forgot to remember, but I think we're gona be okay (weather permitting... if it rains we're... well... let's really hope for a sunny day, okay!) Can't wait to see how it goes. Going to be a long day but hopefully we'll see a few familiar faces drop by throughout the day!

We have a Beauty Cycle pamper treatment draw to giveaway, a 50% off voucher from the NOW&then TRUNK to be won, and we've even recruited our very own paparazzi for the documentation of our NOW&then TRUNK debut and the lovelies who get there tomorrow, so some great pics to come!

We're really excited it's finally, almost here and we hope to see you there tomorrow so come drop in and say hi


  1. I saw the trunk at the markets on the weekend! i was almost going to buy something. will you be back next weeked?

  2. Great to hear that you saw the TRUNK on the weekend!
    We're heading abroad to do some buying and sourcing for the store in the next few weeks(and some holidaying!) so well be back at the Valley Markets late August. Until then we'll be listing on our etsy store (from this weekend) so check in there for the latest updates from our buying trip (nowandthenboutique)
    And you can follow us here to keep up tp date with what's happening! (there'll be some giveaway competitions coming up for our followers soon!!)


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