Friday, March 11, 2011

- The shelves and the butterflies

After my awesome technician (Dad) installed some shelves to the TRUNK, I took it out for a test spin at the Brisbane Valley Markets (here)
The shelves were rather bare that day (didn't inspire much ambience) but the grey of the shelves was looking a bit sad. So I booked the TRUNK into my "workshop", for another partial makeover. 

Here's how it went...

Not the best images (I'll leave that up to our super photographer JenniJane) but you get the idea. A few more coats of lacquer and we're done! 
What do you think?

Next project is the umbrella (we lost the our beautiful umbrella at the last market day! (Can you believe it!?! You'd think it'd be pretty hard to lose a giant outdoor umbrella but we managed it, lol!) For our new umbrella, we're thinking... tassels, baubles, stripes, rick rack and a stand to attach it to the TRUNK. Yay!


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