Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NOW&then collection shoot - behind the scenes!

What a weekend! What a shoot! 
Sunday was a great day! Lots of new faces 
(and a few familiar ones! Such a small city, Brisbane) 
It was a rather last minute casting call-out 
but the shoot has been a long time coming. 
So with a speedy reno rescue style clean out 
of our studio, we had an awesome space to shoot 
(and several other rooms filled to the brim, 
clean up still pending) 

The lovely Yvonne jumped in as our MUA 
for the shoot, with our gorgeous models 
Danielle (above), Anna and Laura (below) 
taking centre stage for the day. 

And our superstar photographer JenniJane 
the magic throughout the day. 
Such a great day,

(thank you to
everyone who was a part of it!)

Can't wait to see 
the catalogue soon! 

Stay tuned lovelies!


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  1. Looks like a big, exciting day. Look forward to seeing the results and your fabulous vintage pieces!


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