Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I hate to say it... but I think I'm turning into a stepford wife (minus the husband, children, house, housekeeping skills, social life... Ok, so maybe it's just the "mature aged" magazine habit) I must say, this magazine is rather (very) good! A little bit of everything and a whole lot of lovely! 
I just had to let you know! 
And now that I have, I'm off to bake some scones, white wash the vintage bureau I just thrifted from vinnies and plan the next ladies brunch (haha! jokes) 

Check out their website here or better yet, get yourself a copy of the current issue (you can't beat the real thing!)




  1. OO you would love "Notebook" then!!

    I went to the "Suitcase Rummage" the other week (I think it was on the day you were doing your fashion shoot?)and I thought of your store at the Valley Markets.

    Would Now&then Boutique ever have a stall at these monthly markets?

  2. Yes! LOVE notebook! :)

    Yes, we were planning on doing the Rummage but the shoot happened to fall on the same day so it won, lol! We will do Rummage soon, most likely with our excess Summer stock, sometime soon.

    We are hoping to be at the markets again soon, most likely mid April but we will post on our facebook and blog when it's confirmed. Looking forward to the next one. Hope we see you there!



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