Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Let's talk business... cards

I've been searching all over, trying to find some inspiration for an simple, interesting, unique (but still appropriate) personal business card design. It's tough.
There are so many out there (good and really bad) and so many things to consider is design options... Embossed or printed? Colour or monotone? Do you bother with colour psychology or is that a new agey waste of time? Is my design too fancy (will it look like I'm trying too hard) or does the simple design look like you don't care enough... etc etc etc
It's exhausting!
But there were some definite favourites out there, so here they are...

Simple with a dash of whimsy (and hand drawn) here
Just lovely! 

Colour and character (and embossed detail) here
PS: I'm a little obsessed with this colour at the moment

Retro inspired (and a little bit fun!) here

...And you begin to see a pattern emerge. 
Similar design elements, font, mood, tone...
Simple, clean, balanced... and a little bit quirky.
I think I've found my design style!


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