Saturday, November 7, 2009

When you were little, did you ever...
... spend hours with the siblings yelling into the pedestal fan, laughing at how funny your voice sounded? *Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhzzzzzzzzhhhh*

... make "cow patts"? (you put a bit of every ingredient into a bowel, mix and bake into muffins... then try to eat them, lol! Hillarious!
(Lauren G & I made several batches over the years. Some good, most not, lol!)

... Play KFC in the backyard. You set up shop in the backyard and "drive thru" on your bikes to buy "chips" (bread cut into chip shaped pieces) with leaf money. Awww...

... make cubbies with whatever you could find (our favourite was under the kitchen table with sheets for walls OR several umbrellas in igloo shape)

... played around for hours in the photobooth (WE HAVE! Fuuuun!)

Making the most of the little moments...

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