Thursday, September 10, 2009

tea for two

Today I caught up with my lovely friend Emma, who has recently arrived home from her travels around Europe!
We usually do tea and scones in the city but today, we came across a cute little tea cafe called T'Licious at Southbank's Grey Street... Great staff, the best scones, cookies and slices, and hundreds of varieties of tea! We spent ages looking through the teas but finally settled on the peach and berry devonshire tea (recommended by our lovely cashier) and bought the rosebud tea,tradition turkish apple, and champagne sencha teas to take home. Not sure how they'll taste yet but I'm on a mission to find a herbal/green tea I really like (I'm usually a bit of an English Breakfast tea kinda girl).
...We've decided T'Licious is our new regular!
What's your favourite tea?
(The walk through Southbank on the way home was so pretty!)

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