Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Since beginning our blog, as newbies to the blogworld a few weeks ago, we thought we would have a look around at what else is out there, blog-wise...
Here are our top 5 fave blogs & sites so far!

1.punkystyle.com - "Diary of a shop-aholic, vintage lover and fashion junkie" - The adventures of a young fashionista and her cute little caravan (bursting with vintage fashion fun-ness!), their travels all over the place. (And the sweetest little puppy you've ever seen!) This is one of the first sites I found on my journey through the jungle of blogs, and it's still the first I come back to every few days. Check it out! punkystyle.com

2.frankie.com.au - A great magazine with heaps of sweet, whimsical, kitch, funky, fun stuff... from fashion, craft, music, art, photography, and everything in between. This site is a great little sneak peek into the magazine.

3. A Cup of Joe, (JoannaGoddardBlogspot) 'Art, photography, fashion, design, bikes and the people I love' - A lovely little blog (written by NY writer Joanna Goddard), with bits and bobs on fashion finds, photos and what's happening in her world, as well as everything in between. Regular questions and questionnaires to the readers and regular giveaways for devotees makes this a super sweet little blog you'll want to keep checking back in on.http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com
4. Style Slicker 'London Street Style - Do you have the London Style?'
- A clean blog with a slick, minimal layout and photographs galore profiling the fabulous style of the London fashion crowd. This one has frequent interviews with those in the biz as well as behind the scenes looks at fashion shoots, articles and more.
5. Dailybitsofbeauty.com 'If you give beauty you shall receive it in abundance' - The prettiest collection of photos and fashion with a dash of nostalgia and a sprinkle of whimsical. *sigh* Just lovely.
And, I'm sure there are more out there... What's your favorite blog/website?

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