Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A few of our favorite things...

This month we decided to open up the field to our lovely friends of NOW&then boutique by requesting a happy snap of their favorite fashion finds!
In return, everyone who participated was entered into the draw for the chance to win an item of choice from NOW&then boutique!
Thank you to everyone who got involved and emailed us, we had so many great photos and outfits but we had to choose just a few! So, here we go...
Who: Emma! (above right)
Item/s: H&M floral bomber jacket, black classic RayBans (from clothing swap!), Cotton On denim jeans...
Emma says: "This is my fave fashion find! ...It's my fave jacket and singlet from Vienna, my Ray-Bans, you might be able to spot my swatch, and my bestest Cotton-On jeans (which are, by the way, the best fitting jeans ever)! And I have stripey my pink cons on my feet, but you wouldn't know it :P
Who: Tam! (above right)
Item: "Granny dress" (lol!) - Opshop purchase...
Tam wrote "Granny dress - about 3 sizes too big, but still fabulous, bought from an ipswich opshop for $6?? Looks awesome with a black belt (im doing my single ladies dance in this photo) V trendy! Kind of an autumn/spring vibe :)"
Who: Kate!
Item: Retro 80's dress...
Kate says: "I bought it from Etsy, vintage, Texas. Was a real 80's prom dress! I love it because it's one of a kind and it's like wearing fairy floss!"
Congrats to our winners!...
Tam (first draw winner: wins one free item from the store!), Kate: (second draw winner: receives 50% off any purchase from the store), and Emma (third draw winner: 25% off any purchase from the store)

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