Sunday, August 30, 2009

Get green!

I've guess we've always been a little green here at NOW&then - opshopping, 'recycling of clothes', re-designing and re-using fabric to create new pieces, clothing swaps, etc... Most recently we've been colouring our home a little greener...
Our first project was planting some seedlings and seeds to grow in and around our apartment. (You can get little packs of all kinds of seeds and bulbs from cheapo shops for a few dollars, or seedlings from supermarkets... or even seedpods on your stroll around the neighborhood, and they're free!)
Because we live on the third floor in a building which has no real gardens (well, none we are welcome to play in!) this is the next best option. With our regular student style meals of canned goods, we have collected a vast array of cans of various sizes to pot in! Just add some dirt (also from cheapo or hardware stores) And voila!
This one (below is still a baby but will soon grow double the size and flower beautiful white bell shaped flowers!) It's a great alternative to paying for cut flowers that won't last and you can replant the seeds and plant them again once the flower has had it's season!
Try it! Send us some pics and let us know how it's going!

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